Lampwork Shard Favourites.....

I have just listed three of these indulgent shard boxes on Etsy. I don't make many of these and I take my time over designing them. The reason is that I add a few of my favourite shards to these boxes throughout the year, most of the shard recipies are limited edition or designed for the Mini Mo' Club.

My aim in collecting the shards together over a long period of time is so that there is a great deal of variety in these exclusive collections.

There is 2.5g of each of 18 different colours, enough to make  a set and focal at least..........

  • Top Row Sea Heather – Red Riverrock – Strawberry Coulis
  • Middle Row Blueberry Hill – Sedona Park – Mossy 
  • Bottom Row Dawn Chorus – Silvered Banana Cream – Green Goldstone 
  • Top Row Silvered Turquoise – Silvered Petrol Green – Cloudbusting
  • Middle Row Silvered Ivory – Silvered Coral - Persimmon
  • Bottom Row Goldstone – Silvered Slytherin – Silvered Hades

Jolene x

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