Colour Study - Fir Tree

As part of my blog-a-day challenge for October I am planning a series of colour studies from photographs taken on my daily school run - this one is a picture of some kind of fir or evergreen tree.

I'm going to use a free program called Chip It which is a free app that samples any image and picks out a colour palette using over Sherwin-Williams paint colours. The final challenge for me is to try draw out a representative colour palette using CoE 104 Glass.....

From left to right the glass I have chosen is
  1. CiM Fremen
  2. CiM Rainforest
  3. CiM Glacier
  4. CiM Chalcedony
  5. Reichenbach Dense Blue
This first attempt at selecting a working colour palette from a real image that I have taken myself has been a very interesting process. It feels like I have been playing Chinese Whispers with colour and at every stage my options of colour selection have become fewer. From life to digital capture, then using the Chip It app to massively simplify the image to a selection of just 10 definitive shades from a mere 1500+ options of recorded colour data (of which I have chosen to show just 5). The last simplification is to select my best fit from the glass I have available to me here in my studio which I estimate at best is no more than 200 different shades and hues. What seemed like a mountain of raw materials and possibilities available to me this morning now seems like a drop in a tiny ocean in  terms of real world colour now. Hopefully you see what I see though, a pleasing and harmonious working palette for bead making.

Jolene x

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  1. stunning, and thanks for the link to Chip it, I'm off to have a play

  2. That's a lovely idea Jo, I'm always trying to match colours to my ribbons from Sowzere, shame they don't always look the same on the bead as they do in real life.
    Are you going to make some beads in those colours?

    1. I may do Linda, though I can't image getting any time this side of the beadathon and I also have several other colour studies to share this month. It is crazy how some glass behaves in interesting ways and can show such different colour characteristics after being melted. The experimenting part using this glass pallette and resulting beads could make a cool series of follow up post for later in the year.

  3. Ooo I have that button now, thanks Jo...I love it. Great blog post and gorgeous colours in that pic x