Operation tidy that studio!

Yup I really am that disorganised and messy! It usually doesn't matter too much as most the time it is just me in the studio/workshop. I usually have a big clear up every three months or so, when having everything I have used over the past several weeks is still sitting there on my workbench which means that I can't find what it is that I'm looking for, lost beneath a pile of glass rod shorts, stringer and tools.
With the Beadathon on the horizon I thought rather than the usual spring clean that is was a good opportunity charge of the situation, move things about in the studio a bit to open up some space and finally replace the original cooker hood style ventilation here with the brilliant Progrow ventilation I've had here for a while to both torch workstations instead of having it just on my main desk for the Mini CC.
Here is a quick snap of some of the glassy goodies all ready for the weekend, rods, shorts, shards, twisties and tools galore!

These last two images are of the desks, to the left is the Carlisle Mini CC and to the right is the Nortel Minor torch, both are fabulous workhorses. I thought I'd show these because it will likely be quite a while before they are as clear as this again!

Last night I did a quick final test broadcast via Ustream  - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/kitzbitz as we are planning to broadcast the whole weekends event live from here if at all possible and it was looking good, Fingers crossed it will work alright on the night. We are getting the bead making marathon underway between 7pm and 7.30pm on Friday night (12th October) and I am feeling pretty excited about the challenge! Bring it on :-D

Jolene xx