Colour Study - Peacock

As part of my blog-a-day challenge for October I am writing a series of colour studies from my own photographs - this image is of the free roaming Peacock that lives in at our local city farm.

I'm using a program called Chip It which is a free app that samples any image and picks out a colour palette using over Sherwin-Williams paint colours. The final challenge for me is to use representative colour palette as inspiration to select a pleasing palette in CoE 104 Glass.....

From left to right I have chosen
  1. Reichenbach Intense Blue
  2. Vetrofond Dark Turquoise 236
  3. CiM Mermaid
  4. CiM Cardamom
  5. Effetre Dark Brown Special
This rich and vibrant teal blue selesction looks fab and is the sort of collection that I had hoped would come out of using Chip It to dissect this image. It is a really very restful colour palette though perhaps a touch of lime green or rich purple would give it a little touch more zing!

Jolene x
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  1. Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing your beads!

  2. Love the color scheme, and I agree that a touch of pop would make it more "inviting". BTW, I really enjoy your blog. Happy Wednesday!