Sunday Finds - Colour = Happy

I haven't played with the colour finder tool on Etsy in ever so long and I'm so glad I did when I started preparing for this post a couple of weeks ago - because Etsy announced the soon to be retirement of all  of their flash based buying tools just Last week! And lookee what I found! This Summer colours - Swirl felt necklace by Clare of softywalter is such a visual delight. Just looking at it makes me feel happy and in a strange way I want to lick it too (but only if it was made of sweets - which in my imagination it is)!
Clare is another London U.K. based fellow Etasian like myself, Fab!

My second pick for my finds post is an art print by Cheri of Art2ArtColorado. This image is very appropriately named as Spring City Nights and it feels somehow like a snapshot of a dream place to me - populated by faeries and elfin folk. It seems to have a wonderful illusion of depth and gives me a sense that there even more magical happenings happening just out of view.

Color Wheel Necklace by Tamar of NestPrettyThingsKids is a pretty little bauble in itself but the presentation of it in this image is simply stunning. It is gorgeous photography and product presentation like this that reminds me that I have a long way to go yet. This whole shop is an uplifting colour therapy happy treat for the eyes. Go on and take a peek and I dare you not to smile!

Jolene x


Love and wounded hearts

Love and wounded hearts by DoubleDmentia - Reflecting the light and love, but also the darkness felt around Valentine's Day...

A stunning collection of dark and beautiful treasures. Love and wounded hearts by DeeDee of DoubleDmentia is a spectacular treasury. Not least for it's eclectic sense of the bazaar and dark humour.

It is an honour for my Lipstick Rose beads to be featured by my fellow Etsian and fellow member of HAFteam.

DeeDee is a jewellery designer and artist. Her Etsy shop is full to the brim with her distinctive creations, all of which have a real edge of dark Gothic romance. It is so refreshing to see an Etsy store that has the owners personality and desires so clearly represented by their work and imagery. I have selected this fascinating watercolour print to show you, it is part of DoubleDmentia's AntiValentine collection.

ready for framing. It is a bit glossy, like a photograph, and the back has the title printed, along with my signature

Hemophiliac Heart (print reproduction of original watercolor painting)

You can find out more about HAFteam on the Handmade Artists Forum Handmade Artists Forum



Girls only. Do not enter.

Girls only. Do not enter. by moncy3

I am absolutely thrilled and stunned to find my Stonewashed Candy beads featured in this beautiful collection today. Girls only. Do not enter. is a corker of a treasury, such a pretty and girly collection, curated by Claudia of moncy3. Look at those colours! Denim and bubblegum - delicious!

Claudia uses paper in all sorts of magnificent ways (her byline is - Pretty mail is my business) recycling children's books, upcycling junk mail, combining all sorts of graphic images with fabric, felt, beads and ribbons. The results are utterly appealing! This pink candylicious friendship stationary set gives you a bit of an idea what Claudia's shop is all about - hand crafted envelopes with gorgeous matchy matchy cutie stickers and paper wrapped tiny pencils. Gorgeous!

Great Escape 24x18x1 This item has been hand painted using acrylics on canvas. Varnished in Satin and ready to hang

Friendship Stationery Set

You can also more treasures from Claudia's in her hand crafted fabric and crochet Etsy store at moncy's cottage


Color me Happy

I made a treasury last night called Color me Happy.

I contains bright and beautiful things from members of the Etsy Street Teams that I belong to, FHFteam and HAFFteam, plus a few listings from fellow Etsians that I found that were just plain irritable!

I hope it makes you smile




Delicate by Rachel Heath

This treasury is a total delight, utterly feminine, utterly gorgeous, and absolutely delicate. I am pleased as punch to have my Honey Dew bead selected for this stunning treasury by Rachel of rachelheath.

Rachel is a self-taught fine artist who works predominantly in acrylics.

Given my current fascination with creating polymer clay butterfly canes and beads I just can't help myself but to select this piece of her work to share with you with its delightful muted colour pallet and subject matter.

Great Escape 24x18x1 This item has been hand painted using acrylics on canvas. Varnished in Satin and ready to hang
Great Escape

I am a smitten kitten with this next painting too........

Buttontree Lane 16x10x1 This item has been hand painted using acrylics on canvas. Varnished in Satin
Buttontree Lane