Colour Study - Fir Tree II

I have recently been using a free app on line called chip it to help me to put together CoE 104 glass colour palettes using my own photographs as source material.

In my first Fir Tree colour study post I took the image top right and selected my favourite 5 colours from the 10 offered to me by chip it and matched them with CoE 104 glass from my stash. Top left is a dotty set I made using just that colour palette. Below right is a bumpy using my Fir Tree colour palette.

The colours I've used are
  1. CiM Fremen
  2. CiM Rainforest
  3. CiM Glacier
  4. CiM Chalcedony
  5. Reichenbach Dense Blue
I'm really quite liking these colours together, but then I have always been a drawn to working with a small section of the colour wheel. There are few things of note happening here, the first is a hint of a reaction between the CiM Glacier and the Reichenbach Dense Blue, there is a thin halo of browninsh purple between the two which looks quite pretty. The other thing is that CiM Fremen seems to pool beautifully in the centre of dots that have been melted flat giving the illusion of an extra layer of dot detail.

Jolene x

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