Mini Mo' August 2012 - Forget-Me-Not and Pink Lady

My first colourway for August is a collection of cool greens and and blues that I have called Forget Me Not. I've used CiM Celadon, CiM Appletini, CiM Soylent, CiM Dirty Martini with Vetrofond Emerald Green and Effetre Light Periwinkle with Tranquility shards.
First up I am going to show you a paddle of the Tranquility shards (also on the Kryptonite bead shown above), they are my own recipe but following a process that I learnt from the recent Magic Mosaic Shards tutorial by Jacqueline Parkes of Gems in Bloom.
The little round choc here shows a single green leaf murrini with a spiral flower iced on next to and slightly over the top of it.
On the right is one of my large terrarium focal beads which I make with several layers of encasement and various elements of twistie, murrini and cane between every layer. On the top layer I have placed three Forget Me Not murrini on their sides and fully encased them without melting them in at all. The

Pink Lady is my second collection for August. I have used Reichenbach Soft Violet, Reichenbach Gold Ruby, Reichenbach Opal Pink, Vetrofond Emerald Green, CiM Dirty Martini and CiM Celadon with Cloudbusting Shards.
The first bead I am showing is a Big Hole Bead with rose and leaf murrini over CiM Larkspur. I've added both pints and chips of murrini to the selection in Pink Lady.

 My second picture today is a complete bracelet bead collection called Love Lilac using the shards and twistie elements of Pink lady over some delicious purple glass. ( All CiM, Thistledown, Damson and Larkspur)

Last up is a fabulously moody set of beads called Cloudbusting and are named after the beautiful shards that decorate their surface.

Jolene x

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