Colour Study - Pink Tipped Chrysanthemum II

The second follow up in my colour study series, this one is for my Pink Tipped Chrysanthemum post. I have been using an app on line called chip it to help me to put select CoE 104 glass colour palettes using my own photos as source material.

The glass I have used is:
  1. Lauscha Creme Brulee
  2. CiM Olive
  3. Lauscha Pink Opaque
  4. Effetre Handpulled Rubino Ora (old batch)
  5. Reichenbach Soft Violet
I'm really very happy with these beads and love these colours together despite the fact that my chosen selection did not include any of the most prevalent hues in the Chrysanthemum image. I really wanted to steer away from making beads that predominantly white and plumped instead for the pale lavender and caramel hues that chip it picked up. CiM Olive in particular behaved wonderfully well, splitting and pooling over the Rubino and both of the Lauscha bases beautifully.

Jolene x

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