Fruity Murrini Gallery......

I've put to together a little gallery post of all of the fruit murrini I've made so far. The fascination I have with tiny food is not a new one. I've always liked to look at dolls house miniatures and have a couple of polymer clay books on the subject (though I have yet to try making any in FIMO or similar) and as a child I loved the fruit images that your see running through traditionally made boiled sweets.
So in no particular order, first up are my Sliced Strawberries (above) made with CiM Maraschino and Effetre Angel Pink 641 and CiM Split Pea leaves.

More Maraschino made strawberries here, this time they have been dipped in cream (Effetre White) with pretty little sticky-uppie Split Pea leaves.
These juicy limes were cut from the first fruit cane that I ever pulled. They have Effetre grass green segments, CiM Cardamon pith and and Effetre Petrol Green peel.
Next up, sliced apple murrini made with CiM Cardamom which is just the most perfect shade for the flesh of these chips. I used Effetre Dark Brown Special for the pips and CiM Split Pea for the crisp apple skin as I was wanting a "Granny Smith" kind of look to them.
I used the same trio of glass colours here, Cardamom, Split Pea and Dark Brown Special.These chips show halved apples rather than sliced pieces and I think that these are my absolute favourite murrini chips so far.
Or maybe these are :-D because these Bitten Apples do make me smile. I've used just two colours in these, CiM Elphaba and Effetre Dark Brown Special for the stalks.
Last but definitely not least I have some juicy grapefruit slices to show you. These are the brightest and sunniest chips in my lampy supplies store right now, CiM Lemon Drop segments, CiM Linen Pith and Effetre Light Lemon Yellow for the peel.

Thanks for looking, Jolene x

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  1. I don't think I can pick a favorite - they are all so yummy looking!

  2. Fantastic Jo. I can't wait to see what you make next.

  3. Thanks very much, the colours are great.

  4. Absolutely love them! Are they hard to make?