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Reichenbach Deep Black stringer reaction tute

Reichenbach Deep black does a really cool reaction thing giving the appearance of a central white line running through it when used as fine stringer over some base glass colours. I have not yet found many colours where it will "split" and do it's thing, just 3 so far.

This is the bead where I first spotted this odd but cool reaction, fine Deep Black stringer over Reichenbach Mystic Red. The fine lines that run around the circumference of the bead have been created with Reichenbach deep black stringer that was no more than 1/2mm wide (the photo is much larger than the bead in real life).

The lines that intersect the fine stringer work and look like thick spokes are also Reichenbach deep black but have been created with much thicker stringer. As you can see there is no sign at all of a white reaction line.

CiM Cirrus also has this fabulous central white reaction line with fine Reichenbach Deep Black stringer as you can see from this next picture.
CiM Gooseberry ltd run is the third glass I have found where there is a white reaction line with fine Reichenbach Deep Black stringer but you can also see this reaction happening with tiny Deep Black dots. It also causes dots made with silvered ivory stringer to pool in the center.

Updated 1st Aug 2013 - have discovered another fab colour that does this yum scrum thing with RDB stringer, to the right is CiM Green Lantern ltd run

Have fun experimenting,
Jolene x

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  1. Well I never! Thanks for the tips I had no idea :) More fun things to play with x

  2. Ooh, how lovely that looks!
    Thanks for sharing Jolene, you're always so generous with your tips xx

  3. Fab tips there Jo..;) thanks so much for sharing;))x

  4. Thanks for sharing Jolene - great reactions x