Mini Mo' October 2012 - Hey Apple! and Strawberries & Cream

Hey Apple! is named after the catch phrase of a notorious You Tube Character called Annoying Orange with whom my children are smitten. The colourway for this Mini Mo’ for October is elegant and fairly simple, beautiful CiM Cardamom, CiM Split Pea, Effetre dark brown Special 448 and Effetre transparent grass green 022 with Cardamom shards.

A scrumptious trio of iced Ghee apple murrini topped caramel beads....nom nom nom
Not the best picture of this tree bead but the only one I have as it is already winging it's way to it's new home across the Atlantic. It is an encased tree bead with Hey Apple! twistie dots for leaves and blossoms.
This bright bead is a corking great big bumpy focal with a core of Hey Apple! ribbon twistie
My second glasswork collection for October continues along the fruit theme with Strawberries & Cream. I have used lashings of delicious CiM Maraschino with CiM Elphaba and Effetre Angel Pink 261 with Green Goldstone shards.

Strawberry chocolates by Jolene Wolfe
First up here is a super photo of my entry for the GBUK Best of British competition which was taken on the day by Richard Downton. I've used Strawberry slice murrini and Strawberry & Cream murrini to decorate these.
Next up I have a little collection of caramels decorated with some dots and swirls of Strawberries Cream twistie cane berries and icing to show.
My last set of beads that I would like to share today use Strawberries and Cream twistie under a thick layer of Effetre 006 Clear encasement. The clear magnifies the detail of the twistie brilliantly.

Jolene x
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