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Messy testing - Prometheus and Sea Anemone ltd run

In this post I am looking at two more of CiM's "Streamers" that will be available soon. 

The first is called Prometheus ltd run. It is clear glass that has fine lines of red, orange and pale blue running the length of it inside. To make this large heart, I  have wound Premetheus around a core of clear glass and shaped. I finished the bead with some handmade twistie cane.

Below are some Prometheus spacers and a pair of Effetre dark teal hearts encased with Prometheus. You can create areas that have a latticino type of look to them if you twist a streamer glass rod as you lay it down over the base.

These next heart beads were made with core of Efftere black glass encased with Sea Anemone ltd run. It's not easy to see from this picture, but with Sea Anemone the fine lines (streamers) are encased within very pale purple glass rather than clear glass like Prometheus.

Happy Melting, Jolene x

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