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Messy testing - Dollhouse and Beeswax ltd run

CiM have been working towards a more standardised amount of opalescence across their Milky and Misty opal glass lines. They have also simplified the naming by giving a single name to the hue followed by the tag Milky or Misty.

These pretty pinks are called Dollhouse. The beads on the left are made with Dollhouse Milky Opal ltd run and below is a picture of Dollhouse Misty Opal ltd run beads.

Beeswax is a new opal yellow glass hue which has also been formulated with two shades of opalescence. On the left is Beeswax Milky ltd run. Below is Beeswax Misty ltd run.

The difference between Milky and Misty glass in these two shades is much easier to see when you have the beads in your hands. I have found it very tricky to capture in a photograph.

The last picture I have to show toady is a side by side comparison of all 4 pairs of beads. 
Milky beads on the top row, Misty beads on the bottom row. 
I hope it gives an idea of the very subtle difference between them. 
Milky beads look whiter or more pastel to my eye.

Thanks, Jolene x

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