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Mini Mo' Jan '15 - Indigo and Blackcurrant

My first collection of 2015 is called Blackcurrant. I've created this glasswork with CiM Gypsy, CiM Blackcurrant and CiM Dirty Martini.
This first set of hearts uses Blackcurrant canes to make delicate petals over CiM Thistledown.
Followed by a set of Dirty Martini shank buttons decorated with Blackcurrant murrini.
These hearts have some silvered Dirty Martini shards melted over the top and feature Blackcurrant murrni too.
My second collection for Jan 15 is called Indigo. I've used CiM Indigo, CiM Mediterranean, CiM Loch Ness with Marigold and Effetre light turquoise 232.

The shards in this collection are the original recipe "Troubled Sky" shards that I first made way back in 2009.
A Vetro Smoke Rings focal heart decorated with Indigo canes.
And last up, a sweet trio of shank buttons that feature Indigo and turquoise daisy murrini (these need a long soak in some coke to take away the dull grey effects that you can see on the surface of the turquoise glass).

Wishing you a lovely evening Jolene x


Mini Mo Dec 14 - Willow Pattern and Earthenware

My first Mini Mo' collection for December is called Willow Pattern. I have used CiM Cornflower, CiM Zachary and Effetre White.
These beautiful silvered shards are a special one off mix for this collection.
An encased Easter egg focal with a Willow Pattern twistie wrapped core over Vetrofond mid blue.
Both the Willow Pattern and earthenware collections contain pretty black latticino canes, shown here over CiM Glacier and under clear.
My second collection for December is called Earthenware and uses CiM Stoneground and Reichenbach Multicolor dark.
I've created this floral decoration with swipes of Earthenware canes to form the vines and petals.
An Ethenware twistie cored heart wrapped with silvered Stoneground shards.
This is what the some of the Earthenware canes look like under deep encasement.

Have a lovely evening, Jolene x

Mini Mo' Nov 14 - Print Room and Playtime

Print Room, my first collection for November was made with CiM Hades, Vetrofond opaque red an CiM Peace
This striking heart focal heart features some of  the Print Room twistie under encasement and over a core of white.
Another encased Print Room twisted cored heart, this one has twistie wrapped over a core of clear.
And a sweet heart collection, the focal is decorated with a dragonfly with twistie swiped wings.
My Playtime collection was made with CiM Daffodil, CiM Keylime, CiM Grumpy Bear and Effetre Coral.
This bright little button trio is made uses Playtime murrini as decoration.
This large focal heart uses some of the Playtime canes both encased under a layer of clear glass and on top of the bead as raised decoration.

Have a super day, Jolene xx


Strawberry iced chocolate bead tutorial in Beads & Beyond magazine Feb 2015

Hot off the press and fresh on the shelves, the Valentines edition of Beads & Beyond magazine has a tutorial in print for my fab strawberry iced chocolate beads. I couldn't be more thrilled, the page looks beautiful.

Jolene xx