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Messy Testing - Birds Nest, Horehound, Brown Eyed Girl and Burnt Sugar ltd run

Today I am looking at three new shades of transparent brown glass from CiM. This first picture shows how each of the colours looks as a solid colour bead finished with Alley Cat dots.

From left to right - Horehound ltd run, Burnt Sugar ltd run and Brown Eyed Girl ltd run.

Horehound is a very pretty light honey shade that looks even prettier under encasement. Burnt Sugar is a golden shade of transparent brown with a slight orange tone to it which makes me think of Topaz. Brown eyed Girl is the darkest of the 3 new colours and more of a true brown rather than tones of amber or topaz.

This next trio of heart pairs show how each of the transparent browns looks when encased with one of the new range of Streamer glass rods. I have teamed each of the colours up with Birds Nest ltd run. I am really enjoying using streamer glass rods as they give such delicate trails of colour and detail.

From left to right - Horehound, Brown Eyed Girl and Burnt Sugar encased with Birds Nest.

This last collection of hearts have a core of one of the brown shades encased with a thick layer of Effetre clear. They have been tumble etched to give them a matt finish.

From left to right - Horehound, Brown Eyed Girl and finally Burnt Sugar.

Something about the look of the tumbled encased Burnt Sugar hearts in this picture makes me think of the last drop of Cola in your glass after the ice cubes have melted!

All 3 of these transparent colours were wonderfully well behaved in the flame, no boiling or micro bubbles at all.

Jolene x  

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