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New Fritz on the Block

Showing my age here with the title of this post!

Anyhoo here they are, my newest frit blends, Smokestack and Orange Grove, just listed on Etsy today Frit N Chips

You can also find the full range of frit and Kitzbitz fritblends Kitzbitz Art Glass

Thanks for looking, Jo x

Frit N Chips - Murrini Blends new on Etsy

I have begun to add some "chips" to my lampwork supplies store on Etsy today.
These chips are cut my very own handpulled starburst murrini cane.

Princess is a quirky blend of pinks and red, very delicate and graphic.

Oranges and Lemons blend contains rare Vetrofond odd lot glass,
the now sought after Pineapple and Tangerine Sparkles.

Slice of Lime is my personal fave of all three blends just listed, so fresh and juicy!

You can find these pretty chips and more at Frit N Chips
ad my handmade glass beads at Kitzbitz


Artist's Spotlight - Larissa Symbouras

Wow........I have never, ever wanted to smell beer in the morning before, but this soap appeals to the beer snob in me too.

Larissa's Blog is eloquent, humorous, beautiful and has some of the most enticing product photography I think I have ever seen. Can you tell that I have a serious handmade soap fetish!

Check this out! Now this is the kind of wakeup call that I like the look of! Cafe Mocha Scrub...yumyumyumyummy

Larissa makes great stuff for guys too, check out this superb Clean Cut Saving soap in the Reef Botanicals artfire shop.

You can find more about what is hot and new from Reef Botanicals on twitter and Facebook


Yummy Double Helix Shards!

I have just launched my new lampwork supplies shop on Etsy, Frit N Chips where I will be selling my handmade CoE 104 glasswork for bead making and CoE 96 furnace glass frit.

Yesterday I loaded up the shop with delicious Double Helix reduction glass shards. They are very easy to use, apply to the warm surface of you glass bead in a neutral flame, and simply waft your bead through a reduction flame to get the beautiful simmer and shine and magic from these spectacular glasses.

Psyche Shards

Aurae Shards

Trition Shards

Jo x


Artists spotlight - Nancy Rawlison

Nancy Rawlison is creative butterfly; with every style of craft she touches down upon, a pretty something comes to life. Nancy is a great blogger and looking around 'Twas Brillig Whiffling through the Tulgey Wood... brings to me a sense of wonder that I remember from childhood. And here is a little example of why....

As a child I loved the dark and whimsical writings of Lewis Carroll and this elegant print is one of three in an Alice in Wonderland triptych created by Nancy.
Below is an image of Nancy hard at work, creating art outside her real life brick and mortar store.

Nancy says her three main creative loves are handcrafted jewelry, silk floral design and photography. I'll try almost any craft once to see if I like it! Here a just a few more pics of her work.

You can find more stunning designs by Nancy at Shop Handmade and Etsy.