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Messy testing - Kismet and Jacaranda ltd run


This large glass heart features two of the newest Creation is Messy glass colours coming out this spring, a core of Jacaranda ltd run encased with Kismet ltd run. 

Jacaranda is a fabulous pale purple glass which is wonderful to work with. I tend to work hot and find many pale colours fussy and easy to boil but Jacaranda takes all the heat I can throw at it without any drama! 

Kismet is part of CiM's new range of Streamer glass. Streamers are rods of glass that have very fine lines of colour running the length of them. Below are more pictures of Kismet, by itself as spacers and over Effetre mid purple in the heart pair.

Here is a close look at Jacaranda as spacers. It is such a beautiful bright spring time lavender purple.

It looks great by itself but also makes a wonderful layering colour. The hearts below are made with Efftre dark teal and Effetre mid purple encased with Jacaranda. The lilac purple layer has given the darker core colours a real lift and the resulting hearts have a kind of gem-tone quality to them.

Happy Melting, Jolene x

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