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Glass testing - Schott clear with metallic inclusions

Yesterday I started looking at how different types of metallic inclusions can add colour and bubbles to clear glass. These beads are made with Schott clear which is compatible with Bullseye glass as it is CoE 90. Each of these beads has a core or clear glass that has been rolled in or burnished with some kind of metallic substance with a heavy layer of clear encasement over the top.

Top left: no inclusion, just lots of poked holes using a florist pin frog.
Bottom left: Brass "frit".
Top middle: Silver leaf encased outside of the flame and super heated.
Bottom middle: Reichenbach Iris Gold frit.
Top right: Copper oxide powder (a tiny amount).
Bottom right: Copper leaf encased outside of the flame and super heated.

I have used a neutral flame only, none of the colour in these beads comes from adjusting the flame chemistry.

Thanks for looking, Jo

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