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Messy testing - Avonlea, Andrew and Adriatic ltd run

A collection of green and blue beads from me today, three more colours from the May 2020 release of new glass from CiM

These flower buds are made with a core of Avonlea ltd run with Effetre light aqua petals over the top. It's a  very striking combination.

Avonlea is a bright happy grass green with a barely there misty opal effect. Little green spacer leaves look so pretty made with Avonlea.
These flower bud beads are made with a core of Andrew ltd run with Effetre light aqua petals over the top. I often use a harmonising transparent glass over the top of an opaque or opal core for these textured beads. The opal blue here makes the flowers look as though they glow from within.

Andrew is a perfect opal shade of powder blue. One of my absolute favourites glass colours from this round of testing. It makes me think of summer skies and sunshine. There is no sign of a reaction with silvered ivory stringer.
I have made these last two pairs of little hearts with Adriatic ltd run. It is another example of  CiM's new misty opal glass, this time in a pretty shade of blue that leans towards aqua a bit. It's very beautiful.

Jolene x

Messy testing - Onyx, Cotton and Swan ltd run

Today I am looking at two very pretty new white opal glass colours from CiM. Here is a side by side comparison of Swan ltd run and Cotton ltd run hearts which are variations on CiM's Marshmallow opal white.

Swan is what CiM describe as a misty opal. It was made in a very small quantity and will not likely be readily available in the UK. I have made a pair of hearts with Swan and wrapped them with a black stringer of another new glass called Onyx ltd run.

Cotton is a transparent opal glass, very similar to Marshmallow but more lovely in that it lets more light pass through it than the original more opaque opal white colour does.
These little striped lentil beads show how Onyx behaves over the new white opals. Over swan is holds it's crisp edges quite well, though I have overheated  (boiled) it whilst melting the stringer down flat and caused some textured micro-bubbles to form. Over Cotton it looks quite different, those crisp edges are nowhere to be seen and the Onyx stringer has taken on a feathered look as I melted it in over the top Cotton.

Jolene x

500 isolation bead challenge for Beads of Courage beads 64 to 91

A few more sweet little beads that I will post off soon to Beads of Courage UK to lift the spirits of some very brave kids.

Have a lovely day, Jolene xx