Messy testing - Elegance, Douglas Aster and Glycerin Milky ltd run

In today's blog post I am showing beads made with 3 very pretty new CoE 104 glass colours from the Creation is Messy spring 2022 release that will be available to buy soon. 

First up is this utterly lovely soft pastel pink opal glass is called Elegance. It's so beautiful!

Like all premium pink glass rods, I imagine Elegance ltd run will have a premium price tag attached, but oh boy is this one special!

The next new glass colour I am showing today is called Douglas Aster ltd run. It's a soft and pretty shade of pastel purple.The top pair of hearts have a core of Douglas Aster which I have encased with Effetre 006. The other two pairs of Douglas Aster hearts are decorated with Reichenbach dense black. This one is a beauty, such a lovely lavender colour.

Only one pair of the hearts in this last picture were made with Glycerine ltd run. I wanted to compare Glycerine with some Diaphanous misty and milky hearts from my last glass testing blog post.

The Glycerine hearts are the pair at the top that look the most opaque (let the least light pass through). Moving around in a clockwise direction, the next two hearts are Diaphanous milky and the last two hearts are Diaphanous misty (white dots). Aside from looking obviously more opaque, Glycerine has a much cooler icy looking tone. Diaphanous looks positively toasty in comparison!

Jolene xx


Messy testing - Diaphanous, Fjord, Pond Slime and Aquamarine Ice ltd run

Today I am looking at some of the new colours available soon from Creation is Messy. I have beads made from 4 new opal colours, all of which are available in a Misty and Milky  version.

The first hearts here are made with Diaphanous ltd run. The beads on the left are Diaphanous Misty decorated with white dots. The heart pair on the right are Diaphanous Misty decorated with Reichenbach black stringer and dots.

Both pairs of these off white glass hearts are beautiful though for me the more translucent misty version just has the edge. 

Fjord ltd run is a stunning new aqua blue opal addition to the CoE 104 palette. I find the misty (white dots) and milky (black stringer) versions have a similar opacity with the Misty version only looking more obviously translucent when the beads are held up to the light.

Creation is Messy make absolutely fabulous opal green glass and Pond Slime ltd run is no exception. Again the misty (white dots) and milky (black detail) versions appear to be quite similar until you hold them up to the light and then it's easy to see that the Misty version has much more translucence.

Arctic milky ltd run looks to be a pale opal blue shade in rod form. When I opened the kiln I was very surprised to find these lovely warm grey hearts. 

As before the misty version of this glass has more translucence (white dots) but also I find that Arctic milky opal looks more pastel than it's misty counterpart.


Additional pictures taken under bright artificial lighting....

Jolene x