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Messy testing - Trapeze ltd run

This post is all about Trapeze ltd run, a new Messy Color ltd run glass coming out soon.

I tested Trapeze (black detail) up against CiM Jellyfish (black and white dots). This first picture was taken under daylight bulbs indoors. As you can see Trapeze appears to be a touch darker than Jellyfish. Outside in bright sunlight the difference in colour is much less apparent.

I have used a base of Trapeze under these flower bud beads, the petals are Reichenbach Pearl Violet and the combination of the two is gorgeous!
Last up I wanted to show your what Trapeze looks like when etched, really beautiful.

have a super day, Jolene x


Messy Testing - Ice Floe

This evening I am looking at CiM Ice Floe ltd run which will be coming out soon. This first string of hearts compares Ice Floe (black detail) with Effetre pale aqua (white detail) and Vetrofond pale aqua (blue detail).

Ice Floe is paler than both the Vetrofond and Effetre pale aqua blues and has a slight grey tone.

I also etched sample beads of all 3 of these pale blue glass colours to compare them side by side. Ice Floe (black detail) etches beautifully enhancing its grey blue tone.
This pretty set uses Ice Floe as the encasing layer over Dirty Martini, Glacier and Effetre light violet opaque. The pale blue encasing layer give the base colours a much "cooler" look.
Last up I have used Ice Floe as the encasing layer over some bright Effetre transparent colours and then etched them. The effect is is fab, particularly over the lime and teal bases - these look like sweeties to me!

Have a super day, Jolene xx

Messy Testing - Mahogany ltd run

Over the next week or so I will be blogging all about the next release of ltd run colour from Creation is Messy. The one I am looking at today is up there among my favourites. and is called Mahogany ltd run. It is a rich creamy opaque brown that has wonderful striations and variation in tone.
I've teamed Mahogany up here with Hazelnut ltd run and silvered ivory stringer to make some autumnal hearts. It is a great colour for Fall beads.
This set of barrel beads with silvered ivory shows how cool the striations look and how they add movement and interest to very simple shapes.

Have a super day, Jo x


A handful of hearts for Beads of Courage...

I found out yesterday that Courage beads are in very short supply in both the UK and in the US too so I spent a few hours in the studio making hearts to donate to Be Child Cancer Aware for the Beads of Courage program.

I made some big ones, some tiny ones, highly decorated ones and simple bright ones too. Beads of Courage need all kinds of handmade lampwork beads to become Courage beads as ideally the child who receives one would have a selection to choose from available at the hospital where they are receiving treatment and would be able to pick the one that speaks to them the most at that time. The program covers a wide age range, all the way through from birth to late teens and early adulthood.

There are a few rules to follow - no sharp bead holes, beads to be cleaned of all bead release, no delicate sticking out decoration, no metallic reduction on the surface of the beads (silvered ivory is allowed though) and all silver glass to be encased. Other than that anything goes!

If anyone reading has been thinking of making a lampwork bead donation to BoC then now would be the perfect time as there is an urgent need. Here are the  details of where your bead donations should be sent.

UK Donations
Beads of Courage, Inc.
c/o Sarah Drummond
2, Park Close
Essex SS12 9EH

US Donations
Beads of Courage, Inc.
Attn: Bead Donations
3230 N. Dodge Blvd. Suite J
Tucson, AZ 85716

Thank you for reading, have a super weekend, Jolene xx 


Mini Mo' June '14 Pansy and Fruit Punch

My first collection for June is called Pansy. I've used CiM Thai Orchid and Effetre Apricot with CiM Elphaba and Red Copper Green shards.
The first set here shows the apricot cane from the Poppy collection over Effetre lime green and encased with clear glass.
This heart trio is decorated with Poppy murrini.
My last set to show using poppy glasswork is this fab set of chunky encased discs with a Lapis twistie core.
Next up is a bright and summer collection called Fruit Punch. I've used Effere Apricot and CiM Elphaba in the main with a touch or Vetrofond Emerald and Watermelon shards.
First up for Fruit Punch is this a set of pretty graduated hearts with Elphaba twistie inside.
This collection of summertime hearts has been decorated with Fruit Punch murrini.
The last set I would like to show used fruit punch ribbon twistie as raised decoration around the centre.

Have a great day, Jo x