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Made to order freeform nuggets

I've just brought out a made to order range of free-from nugget beads in the most delicious colours and I'm planning to introduce more ranges of classy beads in repeatable designs and at great prices over the coming months too.

On the left are Pearl Pink, Marine Blue Pearl and Pearl Violet.
My Oil slick nuggets are available in a glossy finish and also with a soft  etched matt finish.
The next trio are Pearl Slate, Creme Caramel and Strawberry Jelly.
And my last and most popular trio, Lime Zest, Tangerine and Juicy Lemon.

These colours are also available by the bead so if you need 9 instead of 7 of just want a couple then you can!

Check out my bead shops on Etsy and Craft Cafe if you would like to see more of my work

Have a lovely weekend, Jo x


Mini Mo' June 2013 - Iguana and Zebra

My first collection for June is called Iguana. I've used Effetre Grass Green 022, Uranium Yellow 070, Lime Green Opaque 212 and some Lime Doodle Shards.
This first bead shows what the striped Iguana twistie looks like swiped in as leaves. The flower petals are made with my Ink Blue petal cane with some Silvered Ivory shards (from the Zebra collection) underneath.
These cheeky cherries are painted with glass over a base of CiM Maraschino encased in clear which has been jazzed up with some Lime Doodle Shards.
Ive used green Iguana canes inside and outside to make this fabulous focal bead. First I made a clear core and decorated that with a spiral of ribbon cane. I melted the twistie in flat and then encased and shaped the glass in to this fab bicone shaped and used the striped cane to create dots and leaves.
Next up is Zebra, a classic black and white collection using Effetre White, Reichenbach Black and classic Silvered Ivory Shard.
The beauty of black and white twistie is that you can use it to create detail within any colour combination by layering a transparent colour over the top. This bead has a white core, a spiral of twistie and a final layer of Effetre Medium Aqua over the top before final shaping and decorating.
This fella here is called Colin and he is another example of using black and white twistie to give detail under a transparent encasement. In his case I have used Effetre Grass Green.
Last up today is this Dark Mushie bead, Ive used the black and white striped can to make the flower and leaf detail.

It is now possible to join the Mini Mo' Club via Etsy for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month long subscriptions. Please check out my shop link for more info.
Frit N Chips lampwork supplies.

Have a lovely week, Jolene x


Plot 36 - Woohoo Spuds!

I dug up my first ever potatoes today, half of the Charlottes and there was enough for two family meals, so happy. Here they are with some mint I picked off the Lottie to cook them with. Looking forward to dinner tonight, they will be the freshest spuds I've ever eaten.

Have a lovely day, Jo x


52 little things week 26

My special bead for Beads of Courage UK this week is Lucky Lobster. I think he's pretty cute so hopefully whoever he goes to live with will think he is cute too.

Have a great day

Jolene xx


Rhubarb Cake

One of the things that is growing well on the Lottie is Rhubarb so my friend Sue came over armed with a ton of baking bits and bobs to show me how to make Rhubarb Cake today.

My littlest was very keen to get involved and so with a bit of help weighing and such he got stuck in with the making and had a lovely fun using an electric whisk for the first time.
You will need
  • 3 sticks of Rhubarb
  • 6 tbl spoons water
  • 4 tbl spoons sugar
  • a few drops of vanilla essence 
  • 5 oz of butter 
  • 5 oz sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 9 oz flour

Tiddler and I chopped up the Rhubarb in to  inch (ish) chunks and I then popped it in a pan with the water and sugar over a low heat to soften and sweeten it. You can put Vanilla essence in the pan too if you want but we forgot. Next we weighed out the butter and sugar and mixed it together in a big bowl. Then came 4 eggs cracked straight into the bowl while I weighed out the flour.

Sue whisked the eggs and butter/sugar together with a little flour and then added the rest of the flour and then little'un splattered the walls with lovely cake mix, top speed whisking and having a wonderful time pressing buttons and making a sticky mess until everything looked pretty well mixed.

By this time the Rhubarb had softened up well so I took it off the heat and let it cool a bit before Sue helped Ethan stir it in gently and tip the mixture in to a buttered and floured loaf tin. This went in the oven on gas mark 5 for 5 mins and then 4 for a further 35(ish).

When the cake was done Sue turned it out on to an upturned egg box covered with kitchen roll to let it cool as I don't have a cooling rack and me and the kids waited impatiently for it to cool. It was delish and tiddler and I both had seconds :-D

Happy Baking, Jolene xx


Beadathon '13 keyrings auctions

I'm trying out something new, my very first Facebook auctions. There are 5 very special keyrings up for grabs, all proceeds will be given to a small charity called Be Child cancer Aware via our Summer Beadathon 2013 Just Giving Page. These special commemorative keyrings have been on offer for just two days and are doing very well so far. I'm so pleased as the money will help support the Beads of Courage program in the UK and it is such a great cause.

Please click the grey links to go see how the auctions are going......
The Blue One....

 The Green One....
The Pink One...
The Purple One....

And in Childhood Cancer awareness colours....
The Yellow One....

Each keyring comes with a matching bead that will be given to a child on the Beads of Courage program with a special note from the auction winner.

The auctions will not close until June 30th and so there is plenty of time to pop by and show your support.

Please look out for more info coming soon on The Summer Beadathon, 24 hours of lampwork bead making to make Act of Courage beads for Children on the Beads of Courage Program here in the UK.

Have a wonderful weekend, Jolene x


Plot 36 - A little update

Here are a few pics of the lottie last week, a little update of how things are going.

First up, the first bed that I dug for my early potatoes, Charlottes. I've earthed them up as they grew by about 10 cm or so. They are looking pretty healthy and are much taller already than I expected, never having seen potato plants before.

These have been in the ground for a couple for months, they will be ready to come out of the ground, all being well, in another 4 to 6 weeks after they have flowered.

I have also planted a large bed of asparagus plants, 4 different varieties, and am thrilled to see the first baby spears poking out of the ground. The asparagus arrived looking pretty strange, a mass of radiating roots called crowns all spilling out from a central little nubbin. I dug an 8 inch trench and piled a mix of soil and manure in two ridges along the length of it. I placed the crowns about 18 inches apart with roots spread out over the ridges and piled soil on the roots leaving the nubbins exposed.

There are 14 plants growing out of 16 so far which is better than I had hoped. The bed is still quite low, filled only to a height of about only 4 inches. I'll add to it over time as the plants grow stronger. This bed is a permanent one, like the well established Rhubarb and Comfrey beds on the plot. It will take 2 years for these plants to mature enough for harvesting but will last for about 20 years.

This bed covered by netting is full of brassicas, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Kohl Rabi that have grown from seed and also a fair number of savoy cabbages that were a gift from a lovely fella on Freecycle.The net is there to keep these baby plants safe from hungry pigeons that seem to love to feast on baby brassica plants. Below and below left show two bed full of baby runner bean plants. They were all originally planted in the bed below left but it became clear  that they were planted far too close together.

It took a good few weeks to find enough time to dig the second bed for them, not least because I didn't really know where I wanted them to go. I've picked a spot for half the plants right in from of the new Asparagus bed. They are looking a bit puny and yellow here but in the course of the last week, with lots of manure mixed into the soil they are greening up again and those in the original bed that were not disturbed are starting to creep up their canes now too.

Above is a pic of my seed bed, it;s just a couple of square timber frames filled with potting compost. The plants growing here a peas and Chard seedlings that my youngest planted for me. Over the top is some recycled fabric net to keep the birds and butterflies away.

To the right is a home made slug house, and empty upturned orange skin. It is a top tip from a book called "50 ways to kill slugs" and apparently citrus skins are slug magnets, in theory they all pop by for lunch and invite all of their mates along too making them easy to find and chuck in your compost or otherwise dispatch. So far no catches but hey, got to be worth a try :-D

My last pic to show you is the second potato bed, this one has my main crop of Sarpo Mira potatoes which look like they are coming along well too, I will start earthing them up very soon.

Have a great week, Jolene x


52 little things week 25

Meet Delores, she is my week 25 bead for Beads of Courage UK in the 52 little things project I'm doing this year.

To find out more about Beads of Courage here in the UK please visit the BCCA Facebook page as they are the fabulous little family run charity that manages and fully funds the program in Oncology wards in hospitals all across the country.

I'd also like to give a shout out for the 2013 Summer Beadathon that I will be hosting in my studio on the 26th/27th July.

A wonderful group of glass artists will be gathering here in Middlesex to work in shifts for a whole 24 hours to make Act of Courage beads to donate to BCCA for BoC kids.

Please take a moment to visit our Just Giving Page and sponsor us a pound or two if you can. All funds raised will go straight to BCCA.

Have a wonderful week, Jo x


52 little things week 24

I've named this little decorated Amoeba bead Jack. He is the 24th bead in my 52 little things project for Beads of Courage UK.

Today I'd like to give a shout out for the 2013 Summer Beadathon that I will be hosting in my studio on the 26th/27th July.

Last year was loads of fun and we raised quite a bit of cash and made 179 beads to donate in just 24 hours, this year we would like to do even better!

And I think we will because this year it is possible to donate by Text!

All you need to do is text  
Followed by 
£2 or £3 or £5 or £10

And the lovely folks at Kilncare are loaning us a lovely and roomy Maxi Kiln for the weekend so this year we won't run out of space!

Have a great day, Jolene x


Plot 26 - Lovely gifts

I am quickly finding that being part of a growers community has brought me in to contact with the kindest and most giving and most helpful people I have ever known. I've been given a lot of seeds and great advice and books and often been lent tools. The children, just 2 and 4, are made to feel very welcome on the weekends when they come with me too, even when they are extra noisy! At this time of year there is a lot of potting on and planting out going on and as a clueless newbie I am often offered wonderful young plants to re-home on the lottie. These 3 inch high baby gem lettice seedlings and beetroot seedlings were a gift from a friend of my lovely pal Sue.

In fact the pics above and below are just half the plants I was given, the rest I passed on to one of my daughters teachers who had told me just that day morning that her beets had not germinated this year and how that was her favourite veggie from her lottie each year. I was a nice feeling to be able to share these with her and repay the kindness of all of the seeds she gifted and books she loaned me when I first got the plot.

I had a lot of fun splitting these up and potting them on in to their own homemade paper pots and have kept them in my kitchen by night and garden by day to harden them off.
When I came to the lottie last week I found this pot of wonderfully strong baby leeks, a gift from lovely Gary who is up one and over one from my plot. 

I've spent the past couple of weeks digging over a new bed for the beetroot and lettuce and leeks. Fingers crossed I can get them in the ground by the end of this week.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend
Jolene xx


52 little things week 23

I'm showing you the back of my sweet bead for week 23 before the front side because this little Amoeba Bead has a pet mouse.

I've been making a bead a week all through 2013 as my part in the Craft Pimp Forum's YCL (Year Long Challenge).

Be sure to pop by the Be Child Cancer Aware facebook page and have a look at all of the wonderful support that kids with cancer are receiving through the Beads of Courage program.

It is a wonderful cause.
Have a wonderful week, Jolene xx