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Messy testing, Yellow Brick Road, Painted Hills, and Bashful ltd run

Two new earthy shades of glass coming out soon from CiM side by side. On the left is Painted Hills ltd run decorated with Emperor over Peace. Painted Hills is a pretty pale faun colour which tends towards grey. It can give subtle pretty striations between melted in wraps.

On the right is Yellow Brick Road ltd run decorated with either dots of Emperor ltd run or Denim ltd run (also coming out soon) over Peace.
I have teamed up Yellow brick Road and Painted Hills with Bashful ltd run in these pretty hearts. Yellow brick road is a fascinating colour, warm caramel brown tones with a blush of warmer and darker milk chocolate brown in places. It is easily going to become one of my favourite glasses to play with.

Bashful ltd run looks like a soft and pretty warm toned grey in combination with these earthy brown and faun colours and silvered ivory stringer wraps.

These classic nugget shapes are made with Bashful ltd run which has been decorated with silvered ivory stringer.

Jolene x


Messy Testing Prairie Grass, Blue Arrow frog, Spearmint and Envy ltd run

This deliciously bright new opaque green is called Prairie Grass ltd run. I have decorated it with dots of bright orange Butternut ltd run (that came out a while back) and fine stringer lines made with a lush new dense opaque mid blue called Blue Arrow Frog ltd run. I will write more about Blue Arrow Frog in my next blog post.

Next I want to show you this pretty opal pastel green called Spearmint ltd run. I have decorated these hearts with stringer made for another new green glass, a mid green transparent called Envy ltd run.The red petals are made with Maroon ltd run.

Envy sits about halfway between Oz and Emerald City in shade. The beads below are made over a base of Primavera ltd run. They have been decorated with vines made from fine stringers of all three shades of transparent green for direct comparison.

The beads on the left with yellow flowers have Oz stringer, middle with red flowers have Envy stringer and on the right hand side with orange flowers the vines are made with Emerald City stringer.

Jolene x


Doodle a day challenge week 4

This weeks doodles are following that zentangle vibe in the main. The day 2 doodle was completed from start to finish during a couple of longish car journeys (I was a passenger of course) which means I made good use of what would otherwise have been thumb twiddling time. the later part of this week I have been looking at Henna tattoo designs and incorporating them into butterfly wing designs.


Messy Testing Dragon, Class M Planet and Quetzal ltd run

Next up in the newest round of Messy Testing posts are these three stunning new formulae called Dragon ltd run, Class M Planet ltd run and Quetzal ltd run, shown below in rod form.

In rod form Dragon looks like a flat pastel greyish green. After being worked in the flame it comes alive, becoming stunning striated mass of subtle colours from warm grey through pale pastel sage green and even some pale browns. The ferns and flowers were created with dots of Emperor ltd run over Effetre white.
Class M Planet ltd run is an absolute stunner. It's a silver rich blue that is just so pretty. As you can see here it gives striations and lighter patches of blue in places. The ferns are created with dots of Emperor over Effetre white and the flowers are Effeter aqua over white.
Quetzal ltd run is a vibrant petrol blue green that has deeper green striations. It is very bright and yummy. The ferns are created with dots of Emperor over Effetre white and the flowers are Effetere cobalt blue over white.

Jolene x

Messy Testing Barrier Reef, Mockingbird and Maroon ltd Run

This lovely trio of heart pairs are made with a lush new intense green transparent glass coming out soon from CiM called Barrier Reef ltd Run. I have pulled a fine stringer of Barrier Reef from the end of the rod and used it to decorate hearts made from a base of Frozen ltd run. The petals on the floral pair are made with a lush new red called Maroon ltd run.

These Frozen hearts are decorated with a stringer of  a new pretty and subtle transparent grey called Mockingbird ltd run. The flowers petals on this floral pair have also been made with Maroon ltd run.

I chose Frozen ltd run as the base for these new colours as it a beautiful opal white and I wanted to get a real feel for what shades I would get from Barrier Reef and Mockingbird from very fine stringer.

Interestingly, whilst messing about with the newer colours I found that Frozen kiln strikes a bit to something more opaque. I made the Barrier Reef dot and wrap beads first then got called out of the studio for over and hour and left them to keep warm in the kiln. Those first two pairs are markedly more opaque looking than the others.

Jolene x


Doodle a day challenge week 3

Week 3 of my doodle a day challenge and it seems to be going well. I am feeling pretty positive and think I am going to be able to keep the momentum up...or at least to be able to create 7 doodles over the course of a week. I am wondering if I build great habits and  keep it up for a year....

This weeks doodles include sketch pad size zentangles, ATC size zantangles and my first dabbles with watercolour paints.