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Applying 3D flower murrini #blogtoberfest13 day 1

I'm starting #Blogtoberfest13 with a bang and this lovely tutorial for applying 3D flower murrini that I wrote back in January this year but until now it was just in pdf form rather than on my blog. I hope you like it xx

Step 1
• Spot heat your bead where you would like your murrini to go, pick up your murrini with long nose tweezers or murrini hemostats and plunge the point end in to your softened bead.
Step 2
• Cap your murrini with a small dot of clear to protect the surface of the murrini and stop the pattern from closing up when heated.

Step 3
• Heat your clear cap in a low flame and press it gently so that the end of your murrini starts to flare out. Repeat this step as many times as you like to help your petals to open more but remember to heat and press gently each time, opening the bloom is a gradual process.

Step 4
• Melt a larger dot of glass on the end of the clear rod and drop the glass on top of your clear cap and then flame cut the drop from the rod. Check your newly applied glass for any scum or unwanted bubbles and remove this with tweezers. Checking and removing any impurity at this early stage whilst your murrini is still cool is best. Trying to remove a blemish in the clear layer when your murrini is hot may distort your flower.
Step 5
• Heat and pat down your larger clear cap
gently. Do this several times, working
slowly to prevent smearing your murrini.
Your clear cap at this stage should be
much wider than your murrini.

Step 6
• Heat your clear cap and allow gravity to
pull the clear down over the sides of your
flower murrini. You can use a pick at this
stage to ease the clear cap down at the
sides until it meets your base bead.
You can go on to fully encase your base
bead around your murrini “bumps” or
continue to use gentle heat and gravity to
shape your clear lens over the top of your
flower murrini.

I hope you have enjoyed my flower murrini tutorial, Jolene x


  1. Thank you for the great pictures, you discovered my mistakes! :-) Hugs, Doris

  2. Great post! I have a related video on my blog (, so I added a link to yours.

  3. Lovely tut Jo. I did enjoy it and very useful too. Thank you. E xx