Bead embroidery heart pin - #Blogtoberfest day 16

I decided to be brave and take up the "Operation tackle that bead stash" facebook group October Stashbuster Challenge and make a bead embroidered heart for my daughter. The theme this month is sow's ear to silk purse - taking something useless and ugly and making that into something to treasure. At first I thought about making a hair barrette but the heart became quite weighty with so much embellishment and I went for a sturdy kilt pin to finish it instead. The whole thing took something like 16 hours from start to finish and it was an utterly absorbing project. Here is a little photo montage of how the stitching went...

This big brooch started out as a sample swatch of PVC tablecloth with a sweet pattern. As we could only use things to make our challenge piece that we already had I used fun foam to give the beadwork some support and backed it with scraps of self adhesive dolls house carpet....

This whole project was great fun from start to finish and my little girl loves her pin.
Why not set yourself a challenge to try something new today?

Jolene xx


  1. Really beautiful! labour of love but really worth it.
    It's gorgeous x