Lottie Booty #blogtoberfest13

It really does feel as though the season is changing fast and that it is tidy up time now for many of my beds. This week I have been taking up the dying foliage in my Rhubarb beds and digging out stubborn bramble roots so that hopefully there will be a lot less prickles there next year. This morning I put in some spring bulbs in amongst the Rhubarb which will brighten up the lottie and will have finished flowering before the Rhubarb leaves get too big and steal all of the light. The next thing to do will be to mix in some well rotted manure and cover the whole bed with wood chips, it'll be like tucking a duvet over the Rhubarb for the winter.

I brought home  a good haul from the lottie today including a tiny pumpkin that I hope to ripen off on the kitchen windowsill in time for Halloween. I've left the two bigger ones on the vine to take their chances! One of the big successes from the lottie this year is Swiss Chard which I had never eaten before I grew some. Totally delicious and totally healthy (or it would be if I didn't wilt it in a frying pan with a big know of butter). I also picked a couple of big handfuls of lovely fat pea pods and harvested the baby sweetcorn and last of the baby courgettes.

They will be for tea tonight along with chicken and pasta. Not a bad haul for October really :-D

Jolene xx


  1. Some lovely produce you have there

  2. How on earth do you find the time for everything?! Beautiful children, beautiful beads AND beautiful produce?!
    Wonder WOMAN! x