Wallpapering the dolls house roof.... #Blogtoberfest13 Day 9

Last week Ruby and I picked out some fab bright card and vellum from the craft box to wall paper the bathroom. It is now wickedly green and deep purple, I love it! Luckily we found some purple felt stashed away in the box too which made for great carpet.

We have been buying some wonderful little bits and pieces of furniture on ebay and the dollhouse family have started to move in too. Here are some snaps of how things are looking indoors right now.

Through browsing on ebay I am starting to find out a little about the names of makers  1/16th scale furniture, Barton, Lundby, Triang, Dol Toi......

Yesterday evening my hubby and I set to work on re-papering the dollhouse roof. To be honest I wasn't sure I'd make a good job of it on my own because the shape is so tricky.

At first I ordered three A3 sheets of red pantile roof paper thinking that A3 was much bigger than it actually is...then when the paper arrived I realised that the pattern runs portrait instead of landscape which meant  joins on all four of the largest faces including "filling in" triangles on either side of the centre portion.

I ordered more paper and while waiting for it to arrive used A3 sheets of plain paper and drew arrows all over them to show the direction of the pattern and begun to play about to make a sort of template/plan on how to cut the paper and the best place to start on the roof.

It's by no means perfect but nowhere near the lash up job I had anticipated. The kids are going to be thrilled with it when they wake up :-D

Have a lovely day, Jolene x

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  1. Wow it looks fab to me! It will look great when its finished!