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Messy testing - Orange-zilla, Kniphofia and Marmalade ltd run

Zing! This bright orange is called Oranze-zilla ltd run. It is described as a dense transparent orange on the CiM website.

Both under encasement and as a solid colour bead it looks opaque to me though. Orange-zilla is pure sunshine in glass form. I wouldn't class Orange-zilla as a striking glass as it didn't loose it's colour when first melted and so didn't require and cooling/heating cycles to bring the colour back.

To the right are encased hearts are made with Kniphofia ltd run and Effetre 006 clear. It's a bright opal orange glass. Sometimes I find that opal colours can look quite dense, especially if they are heated and cooled several times. These encased hearts though look both opal and translucent. Sadly this photograph doesn't quite capture just how bright this colour is in real life!
These imprinted hearts were made with Marmalade ltd run encased with Effetre 006 clear. Maramalade is the last in the trio of new orange glass for spring 2021. It is equally as bright as Kniphofia and Orangezilla but it is a true transparent. It did require a little striking to coax the colour out but it wasn't tricky to work with.

Jolene x

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