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Messy testing - Lingonberry and Pink Pansy ltd run

Pink Pansy ltd run is a stunning shade of light pink, delicate and rich. It's an absolutely stunning colour all by itself for spacer beads. I am itching to try this glass to create petals for sculpted flower beads. It's definitely on my shopping list!
This patchwork lentil was made with Ettetre opal yellow, Fremen, Poi and Pink Pansy dots over a base of CiM Ginger. Each of the larger opal yellow dots was topped with Pink Pansy.  This is a combination of colours I would usually put together to use with CiM Cranberry or Effetre Rubino Ora.

The Pink Pansy, capped over the top of the opal yellow looks like a barely there trace of pink when used in such a tiny quantity. I was hoping it might strike a little darker.
Lingonberry ltd run is a rich deep fuchsia pink, another glorious pink that looks really pretty all by itself.
Here is another patchwork lentil, this time made with made with Ettetre opal yellow, Fremen, Poi and Lingonberry dots over a base of CiMGinger.

The overall effect of Lingonberry over opal yellow was to became shades of burnt butter  and butterscotch. Not what I had expected, more of a happy accident, but actually a glass colour combination I would happily use together again.

Jolene x

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