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Messy testing - Dinosaur Bone, Howlite, Starry Night and Almandine ltd run

For this post I have picked 3 new CiM colours from the steamer range that have an opaque base rather than a clear or pale transparent and one new shade from the Cloudy transparents range. A little disclaimer, to the best of my knowledge these first 3 colours are going to be available from North America only and the last will be stocked in France.

First up is Howlite ltd run. It's a very pale ivory glass streaked through with pale grey stripes. I clipped chips from the end of the Howlite rod and used them as murrini chips to embellish these small heart beads.

Dinosaur Bone ltd run is very similar to Howlite but it is streaked through with orange and grey. Both of these two ltd run colours would be great for sculptural beads or painted landscape type beads I think. The streaky effect is very subtle.

Starry Night ltd run is lovely! It reminds me very much of Pachamama, a ltd run colour that I completely adored working with from 2020. The are both streaked through with blue giving very pretty striations. Whilst Pachamama could show areas of ochre yellow and tan mixed with two tone blue, Starry Night seems to tend to stick more towards the blue palette.

Starry Night will be available exclusively from Ed Hoy's only.

Almondine ltd run is one of what CiM call their Cloudy transparent range. Cloudy transparents are clear glass rods that contain pigments is colours that you just don't normally see in the 104 glass pallette. The colour of Almondine makes me think of mulled wine or lipstick .

Almondine will be available exclusively from L'age du Verre in France only.

Jolene x

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