Messy Testing - More on Ink Blot and Indigo

Yesterdays post didn't show anything near just how beautiful Ink Blot ltd run and Indigo ltd run really are so I spent some quality playtime in the studio yesterday putting these two super saturated transparent colours through their paces as tiny dots and white cored stringer. In addition to the two CiM colours I have also used CiM Peace and 006 Clear.

The gorgeous rich blue shade in these beads is Indigo, I have used it to make striped core and a petal beads and tiny stacked dot beads. It remains vibrant even when heavily diluted using these layering techniques and the edges of the dots are crisp and clean over white.

The subtle soft grey lilac in these beads is the Ink Blot. It makes a very pretty petal cane over white and it makes a wonderful compliment to Indigo. the little Ink Blot spacers look much darker than in the places where I have used it to make stripes and petals. This may be because I have used it directly over clear rather than over white. Another interesting thing about Ink Blot is that it appears to give a subtle reaction line when dotted directly over a base of Peace.

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Have a lovely weekend, Jolene x

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