52 little things week 33 and 34

We are 2/3rds through this year! Here are pics for the week 33 and 34 beads in my year long project to make a special bead each week for Beads of Courage. I have recently been looking a lovely tutorial on making focal sized shell beads by Diane Woodall and have taken inspiration from it for my latest BoC beads.

for week 33 I made a Dark Ivory Sand Dollar and for week 34 I made a green twistie covered shell bead encrusted with barnacles.

If you would like to take a peek at what some of the other on the Year Long Challenge project have been blogging take a peek at their fab blogs..

• Linda of Earthshine Lampwork Bead and Jewellery Design: www.earth-shine.co.uk
• Sue of BlueBoxStudio: www.blue-box-studio.blogspot.co.uk
• Jolene of HeatherKellyGlass: www.kalorlo.wordpress.com

and on Craft Pimp Forum too

Have a lovely weekend, Jolene xx

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