Messy Testing - Lavender Water, Raindrop, Eventide, Ink Blot and Indigo

Yesterday I took a look at three of June release limited run colours released by Creation is Messy, Lavender Water, Raindrop and Eventide. I also had a play about with two of  and two earlier  limited run colours, Ink Blot and Indigo.

Starting with the lightest bead and moving anti clockwise you can see Lavender Water, Raindrop, Eventide, Indigo and finally Ink Blot.

The first picture shows each colour as a solid bead. The second picture shows solid colour beads which have been acid etched and the third shows each of the colours used as a thin core with a thick encasing layer of Effetre 006 clear.

Lavender water is a very pretty light grey transparent which tends to be rather bubbly in the flame (likely made worse by the fact I tend to work hot on a Mini CC and two oxycons). The nugget bead above has a lovely sparkly seeded effect to it so the bubbly is not at all a bad thing. In the picture on the right you can see that it etches beautifully and looks like pale smoke.

Rainwater looks pale grey with a hint of brown to it, something like a dilute version of Fostoria ltd Run. This also etched well (pic right). Again I found this colour a bitmbubbly but all the more pretty because of that.

Eventide is a dark grey transparent and is another that I think lends itself well to being etched. All three of these colours look so pretty together.

Ink Blot and Indigo are so saturated with colour, although they look very different from one another in rod form, as solid beads it is hard to tell them apart even when etched. You can begin to see the difference in them when used in small amounts under a heavy encasement of clear glass, more so when held up to the light than I have managed to capture here.

 Indigo (pic above, bead middle right) is a super dense blue and Ink Blot (pic above, bead top right) is a super dense purple violet colour, both of these encased nugget bead are very pretty when you hold them up to the light. These colours would lend themselves well to twistie making and teeny tiny layered dots over pale opaques. More playtime is called for to see what I can get them to do.

Have a lovely weekend, Jolene x

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