Messy Testing - Hazelnut Mousse, Cookie Dough and Nutmeg

The last of the June 2013 release CiM ltd run colours that I'm blogging about this week are Nutmeg, Hazelnut Mousse and Cookie Dough.

First up is Nutmeg, a neutral yet warm muted caramel brown. It is a lovely shade, perfect for autumnal beads. Maybe that why I have left this trio of glass until now to blog with the very first signs of Autumn on the way. If I have one criticism of this glass is that you can see clues in the base bead to how I swiped the glass in layers to build up the pillow bead shape. That is easier to see in my second picture of the reverse side of this set.

Next up is Hazelnut Mousse, a delicious beige opaque that is a dream so work with, really smooth and creamy. On my alphabet bead (see bottom of this post), like Nutmeg, you can see join marks between the separate swipes I laid on when making the bead so I decided to roll my pillow beads in fine silver leaf this time. It reacted with the silver to become a golden amber. Delicious!

I love this next picture, a close up of some silvered Cookie Dough shards. Cookie Dough in rod form looks quite similar to but darker than Hazelnut Mousse in a green/grey kind of way. As you can see here Cookie Dough just loves silver too, a brilliant organic reaction and marriage made in heaven.
My free form focal shows below how these scrummy Cookie Dough shards look on a bead.

Silvered Cookie Dough shards over Effetre light grass green transparent glass
Wishing you all a lovely weekend
Jolene x

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