52 little things week 31 and 32

 A little catch up post to show you my special beads for BCCA Beads of Courage for week 31 and week 32 (because it is the start of week 33 today which means...shhhhh....19 weeks until Christmas *ducks*)....

I've chosen to make fairly grown up beads as part of my 52 little things project because there are young adults as well and babies, toddlers, kids and teens on the program here in the UK.

There are 4 separate layers of flowers withing this bead separated by layers of clear glass to give this flower garden bead a lot of depth. the burgundy glass is such a favourite of mine, it is called Multi Dark.

My week 32 flower garden bead is cherry red with lots and lots of different shaped flowers and leaves inside. They are pretty large scale beads, and inch or so across and were really fun to make.

September is fast approaching and with that comes childhood cancer awareness month. My September BoC beads will all be in gold (ok, bright yellow :-D) the colour of childhood cancer awareness and BCCA Ribbons. I had better get my thinking cap on!

Have a great day

Jolene xx

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