Messy Testing - Aloe Juice

This week I have also been looking at Aloe Juice ltd run, a new light green transparent from CiM and a welcome addition to the CoE 104 palette. Aloe Juice is ever so delicate, pretty and fresh looking.

I have a huge crush on how this colour looks when etched, it has a kind of icy minty glow to it. Aloe Juice is another yummy ltd run that I would love to see stocked in the UK and made a permanent fixture in the CiM range.
This chunky bead has a central tube shaped core of Aloe Juice which has a thick encasing layer of Effetre 006 clear glass.  I've decorated this bead with dots and hearts using Fiddlehead ltd run, Effetre white and Indigo ltd Run.
Last up and a little off topic, I want to show you a very quick test bead. I was curious to know how Green Lantern moonstone and the three new green opaques from this last release of CiM colours would look etched. I'm not too keen on the rough tumbled and textured effect that acid etching has left on the surface of Green Lantern but I do like how each of the three opaque swipes have come out.

The top stripe is called Iguana
The middle swipe is called Fiddlehead
The bottom stripe is called Lichen

Have a lovely week,
Jolene x

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