Messy Testing: Green Tea and Green Lantern

This week I've been looking at some of the newest colours to come from Creation is Messy and have a series of blog posts planned to show you some of the cool things I have found out.

First up is Green Lantern limited Run, an emerald green moonstone colour. It puts me in mind of CiM Peacock Green but is much darker and richer in colour. The name bead on the left shows how this glass takes slight milky cast when worked in the flame, though when you work quite quickly the moonstone effect is quite minimal (see nugget bead pic at the bottom of this post).
The most exciting thing I have found when working with Green Lantern is that it does that cool reaction thing with Reichenbach dense black stringer (posted Oct 2012 deep black stringer reaction tute). The stringer I have used on the bead here is no thicker than 0.5mm  and 0.1mm respectively and you can clearly see the white reaction line thing doing it's thing over Green Lantern.
Next up is Green Tea, a sweet and pretty light apple green transparent. It's a gorgeous shade, that slots in the 104 palette somewhere just before Effetre Light Emerald in hue. I can imagine that it would look wonderful etched so I'll try that out later in the week when I take a look at Aloe Juice.
The trio here are all made from Green Tea with Reichenbach Dense black stringer and some silvered ivory stringer too. As you an see there is no reaction at all between the Green Tea and either the black or the ivory and silver.
A set of quick nugget beads made with Green Lantern and Green Tea

Pop back later in the week for my posts on Aloe Juice and Cookie Dough :-D

Have a great week, Jolene x

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