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Messy testing - Birchwood, Cafe Au Lait and Saddle Leather ltd run

Thes ocean hearts are made with neutral and brown CiM ltd run colours that will soon be available in the UK to buy. I have teamed up Birchwood, Cafe Au Lait and Saddle Leather ltd run with blues an teals and a touch of fine silver leaf...

...and boy do all 3 of these glass colours love silver leaf! There are earthy and organic reactions galore....

To create these darker patches and shiny silver droplets I burnished parts of the cream/brown colours with silver leaf and vapourised it the torch flame.

Please ensure you have adequate ventilation if you are using any kind of metal leaf or foil in your lampwork bead making.

First up is Birchwood ltd run with Effetre mid blue. In rod form Birchwood is a pale cream opaque glass. 

In the areas where I have added the small pieces of silver leaf the glass has darkened to a deep caramel toffee colour. I am loving the effect.

The second combination I have put together is CiM Cafe Au Lait ltd run with Poolside. I rod form this glass is a warm creamy looking mid brown. 

The areas where I have added the silver leaf have darkened up  beautifully. The shade of the reaction is very similar in hue to what I previously saw with Birchwood.

This heart is made with CiM Saddle Leather ltd run and Aegean.

The areas burnishes with silver are very dark indeed. There is a wonderful organic looking earthy crust with a smattering of silver droplets. Yummy!

Check these lovely beads out on Etsy...

Jolene xx





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