Messy testing - Oobleck and Cotswold Blue ltd run

I had to look up the word Oobleck and when I did it made me grin from ear to ear to know that it's gooey green stuff that fell from the sky in a Dr Seuss book. How glorious is that! Just about as glorious as this stunning fun bright green glass new out from CiM very soon.
I am a huge fan of Oobleck ltd run, it is a truly zingy lime green. One of the lovely things to find is that along with being awesomely bright it seems to be very dense too which means that is equally bright and beautiful as tiny dots or fine stringer lines. Also it doesn't look very much paler under encasement than as a solid colour bead.

Oobleck also reacts with fine silver leaf, as shown with this tiny goddess bead. I have burnished small pieces of fine silver leaf on to the surface and flashed the bead through the flame. The heat has partially vapourised some of the silver leaf which has reacted with Oobleck to give a rich deep tan colour.

Cotswold Blue ltd run is another stunner of a colour, a delicious teal shade that sits in that special place exactly in the middle between blue and green. This glass gives a lot of striations - similar to those you see with CiM Mermaid and Quetzal ltd run.
Cotswold blue is not reactive with silver leaf at all. As you can see in this last picture, all that is left behind in the areas where silver leaf has been vapourised are the smallest droplets of silver and no colour change to the glass itself at all.

Jolene x

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