Messy testing Merryweather ltd run

There will be a new collection of ltd run CoE 104 glass colours coming out this spring from Creation is Messy. There is a preview page here.

One of my favourites so far is this gorgeous opal blue called Merryweather ltd run. It is a light semi transparent opal blue glass which is very easy to work with in the flame. Like many opal colours it is quite a stiff glass. The flower bud beads shown here are made with a core of Merryweather with effetre clear petals swiped over the top. They seem to have some sort of inner glow to them.

This second set of buds are made with a core of Merryweather with CiM Sacre Bleu ltd run (more about this lovely transparent blue in a future blog post) which is a beautiful combination.
The floral button here shows how large dots Merryweather look when layered over CiM Freman. This takes away some of the transparency but gives beautiful depth to the petals.
The little flower button here was made with Merryweather dots over another fabulous new colour called Oobleck ltd run. This time the petals have not been layered up over another  colour and you can clearly see how the bright green is showing through the semi transparent Merryweather petals and giving them a greenish tint.
Last up, some Merryweather hoops that I have tumbled etched with silicon carbide grit in a rock tumbler. Many opal glass colours do not etch easily or even at all with Etchall or other commercial chemical etching products. I tend not to try that method any longer for opal colours and head straight to the grit! As you can see here Merryweather also looks great with a matt finish.

Merryweather ltd run is both a beautiful and versatile new colour.

Jolene xx

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