Messy testing - Witches' Brew & Lovebirds ltd run

Witches' Brew ltd run and Lovebirds ltd run are CoE 104 glass colours coming put soon from Creation is Messy. They are both re-engineered versions of a zinging bright opal green called Chartreuse.
From left to right:
Encased Lovebirds, Lovebirds, Chartreuse, Witches' Brew, encased Witches' Brew.
Lovebirds is a Translucent opal and
Witches'Brew is a misty opal.

From left to right:

Lovebirds with Effetre turquoise
Chartreuse with Poi
Chatreuse with Effetre white
Witches' Brew with Montezuma
Witches Brew with Elphaba

There are visible reaction lines within the Turquoise, Poi and Montezuma dots. I would expect that these reactions would happen the same way with these colours in combination with any of this trio of opal green glass colours.

 Thank you, Jolene x

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