Messy testing - Pachamama ltd run

This glass is really special, it's called Pachamama ltd run and is one of a large range of small batch ltd run colours that CiM is bringing out in spring 2020.

It has a pale neutral base and is striped through with blue streaks. I have teamed it up here with Effetre dark turquoise glass and silvered ivory stringer.

These beads have been created with Pachamama and.......nothing else. The effect is gorgeous, like very fine wood grain patterns.
The core of this large shell focal bead is a scrap of Effetre white which was completely encased with the last of the Pachamama rod. This is a great way to make your special colours go a lot further.

The close swirls of pattern at the based of the shell bead were made by winding Pachamama around the mandrel. The wide stripes were created by laying a piece of full width rod across my base bead and melting it down flat before shaping. I plan to put this bead in the rock tumbler to give it a matt finish so will update this post when that has been done.

Jolene x

Updated to add one more picture, the same shell bead after tumble etching.....super lovely!

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