Messy testing - Watermelon and Heather ltd run

Watermelon ltd run and Heather ltd run are a new kind of glass coming out from CiM soon.

They call them "cloudy transparents" and the rods contain pigments suspended withing clear glass.

It was a totally irresistible temptation to make these watermelon themed hearts, the glass is so aptly named!
This heart pair is made with solid Watermelon. I really like the bright juicy colour and semi transparent "powdery" look. The negative with this glass for me is that I like to add small dots of glass at a time to the faces of heart beads and press several times to build up the perfect shape. I am finding that the tip of the rod boils easily and leaves micro bubbles when I add the extra glass.
These are the same bead after they have been tumble etched, you can see how much more visible those bubbles are after tumble etching.
This next pair hearts are made with Heather ltd run. It is another of CiM's new experimental cloudy transparents in a glorious shade of lilac. So pretty!
As with Watermelon, the areas where I have added additional glass between presses are very apparent.

The next thing I would like to try with these colours is to see how it works under an encasing.


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