Messy testing - Ice Mint, Toothpaste, Surf's Up and Peackock Feather ltd run

In this post I am looking at four beautiful opal limited run colours from CiM's spring 2020 collection.

From left to right, these two tone hearts with silvered ivory wraps use Ice Mint, Toothpaste, Surf's Up and Peacock Feather ltd run.

I am going to talk about them in pairs as Ice Mint and Toothpaste are the same hue but have different opal properties and look different when held up to the light. The same is true of  Surf's Up and Peacock Feather.

Ice Mint is a misty opal (top pair of hearts) and Tooothpaste is an translucent opal (bottom pair of hearts).

The Ice Mint beads have dark turquoise dots, interestingly the dots have pooled to create darker looking centers adding a bit of extra interest.

The Toothpaste hearts have been decorated with Montezuma dots which appear to have a slightly darker rim as a reaction to the opal glass base.

These shells are absolutely tiny, no more than 13mm high and 6mm thick.

From left to right there is:
Tumble etched Ice Mint
Glossy Ice Mint (misty)
Tumble etched Toothpaste
Glossy toothpaste.(translucent)

It is not easy to tell the two colours apart once they have been tumble etched.

The second pair of new glass colours I am looking at today are Peacock Feather, a translucent opal blue (top set with Montezumz dots) and Surf's Up which is a misty opal (bottom set with turquoise dots). Both sets of dots have have had the same interesting reactions, either pooling or darker outlines over these blue opal glass colours too.

More tiny shell bead for direct comparison between the colours.

From left to right there is:
Tumble etched Surf's Up
Glossy Surf's Up (misty)
Tumble etched Peacock Feather
Glossy Peacock Feather (translucent)

Jolene x

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