Messy testing - Ballerina and Peony ltd run

The pair of hearts in the center of this picture are made with CiM Rose Quartz.

The spring 2020 release of new glass from CiM contains two lovely pinks that are re-engineered versions of CiM's iconic Rose Quartz.

From left to right -
Encased Peony, Peony, Rose Quartz, Ballerina, Encased Ballerina.

Peony ltd run has been designed to give a transparent opal look when compared to the original Rose quartz which is almost completely opaque. Such a pretty effect

From top to bottom - Peony with white dots, Peony, encased Peony.
Ballerina ltd run has been engineered to look misty opal. There is a delightful just barely there cloudy look to them.

From top to bottom - Ballerina with Poi dots, Ballerina, encased Ballerina.

These 2 new glass colours are as beautiful as can be!

This last photograph compares Peony and Ballerina as encased beads that have been tumble etched. The top set has a core of Peony and Ballerina is at the core of the bottom set.

There is only a very small amount of colour at the heart of these beads covered but a thick layer of clear encasing. The beads have been tumble etched with silicon carbide grit for around 3 hours. A great way to use expensive glass in small amounts to create a beautiful effect.


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