Messy testing - Flax and Jellyfish ltd run

Today I want to show you some beads made with CiM Flax ltd run and CiM Jellyfish Ltd run. Flax is a rich looking pale yellow transparent glass. To the left is a tiny goddess bead made with Flax, the colour is very subtle and pretty. Below is a set showing what flax looks like when etched. The focal and one of the sets of pairs are etched Flax. The yellow colour is much more apparent when etched and puts me in mind of lemon flavour boiled sweeties. I have teamed the etched Flax hearts up with Vetrofond Banana Cream and Effetre Pale Pink 260.

This next goddess was made with CiM Jellyfish, which is ever such a pretty pale lavender colour.

Below are a lovely set of hearts made with CiM Heffalump, one of my favourites, teamed up with a pair of etched Jellyfish hearts. I found that Jellyfish was difficult to etch evenly even though my Dip and Etch solution is brand new. I had to pop them back in the solution for  second go to take away the last patches of shine but the effort was well worth it.

Both of these pretty colours are currently available in the UK.

Have a great weekend, Jolene x My Etsy and My eBay 

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