Looking at bullseye, part 2, Erbium Pink Transparent, Light Peach Cream Opal, Pale Amethyst Transparent and Sugar Plum

I am such a smitten kitten with the Bullyeye pinks so far that when I reordered I added a rod each of some of other colours to try. Mostly Purples this time but also Erbium Pink Transparent which is here on the left - so pale and pretty.
 This is Sugar Plum, I'm in love!
Next to show is Light Peach Cream Opal, it is soft and pretty and I like it but don't love it. After all of the punchy vivid Bully pinks that I've played with over the last few days I'm finding it a little plain.
Pale Amethyst Transparent, too early to tell for me on this on as I have only made this one little heart pair. I love how glossy all of the Bullseye  transparent colours are, yum!

have a great day, Jolene xx

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