Looking at Bullseye part 5 - Powder Blue Opal, Turquoise Opaque Opal, Aqua Blue Tint Transparent, Light Aquamarine Blue, Emerald Transparent

This week I've been looking at some more Bullyeye glass colours, bluey turquoisey greens.

To the left a mini string of hearts, from right to left there is Aqua Blue Tint Transparent, Light Aquamarine Blue and Turquoise opaque Opal.
The heart trio to the right have been made with Bullseye Light Aquamarine Blue and decorated with fine stringer and dots (Stiff Black Opal and French Vanilla). This glass is so beautiful and clear that I'll definitely be buying it again.
As you can see from the picture here,Turquoise Opaque Opal suffers a great deal from that dirty  looking grey surface patina often seen with Effetre and Vetro Turquoise. There is no benefit in choosing it over the Italian 104's for self coloured beads as a result.
A 5 minute soak in limescale remover (followed by a very thorough soapy scrub) and you get to see the real beauty of Turquoise Opaque Opal.
This large two tone heart is Emerald Transparent at the top and Aqua Blue Tint Transparent at the bottom. Both are stunning colours. I do so love the clarity of these Bullseye transparent colours and both will make it on to a future shopping list.
Last to show today is Powder Blue Opal, a very pretty colour indeed. The French Vanilla dots are not easy to see over this pale baby blue and there seems to have been a reaction (? needs more testing to be sure) between this and the  dots of Turquoise Opaque Opal.

These are all fab colours that work together beautifully. Have a great day Jolene x

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