Looking at Bullseye part 3, etching Fuchsia and Pink Opal and Clear

So Bullseye and etching....not the easiest thing in the world to achieve with dip'n'etch, which takes a very long time to have any effect on Bullyeye at all (30 mins at least) and when it has the results are just not pretty. My advice is just don't go there!!

Above are some Bullseye Fuchsia hearts, The centre heart has been wrapped around its shoulders with Pink Opal and Clear. Fuchsia is a very rich pink but very similar I think to Light Striking Pink. I'd need to put beads made with both colours side by side to see if the difference is discernible at all.

These pretty pink beads are were made with rods called Pink Opal & Clear, they are deliciously swirly.
There are the same beads etched, not as bad looking as the Fuchsia I think but still not as pretty as before etching. So two things learnt, one, don't etch Bullseye glass beads and two, make a test bead....don't rush in headlong and etch two whole sets in one go!

Jolene x

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