Etsy Mentor Month week 2, SEO, tags, titles, getting found....

There are 6 of us on CPteam taking part in Etsy Mentor Month for Teams this September. I'm jumping in with my mentor month blogging on week 2 as last week was hols and I was away for most of it though my mentoring partner Kat and I did critique each others shops and talk a bit about photography, styling and branding. As I am yet to make any changes to my shop in terms of images so I will come back and blog about week 1 topics later in the month.

That aim of week 2 is to look closely at our listings and improve their SEO and findability on Etsy Search with use of descriptive terms and phrases. Today I am going to look at one of my listings and rejig search terms, tags and the listing description to hopefully increase the number of views of my work will have via search engines and Etsy Search.

I've picked this set, Meadow, as it is a fairly new listing and I am pretty happy with the photography already

  • Currently my title is - Meadow Lampwork bead set - 11 beads
  • Tags are - glass, bead, lampwork, lampwork glass beads, handmade glass beads, leteam fhf, handmade glass, fhfteam, cpteam, artisan glass beads, deep green, large bead set, grass green, ink blue glass, dotty beads, love heart.
  • Description reads - Very pretty set of 11 green and teal beads that are just packed with detail

Some stats...... I listed these beads on the 12th of August and they have only had 58 views in that time. 7 of which came directly from Etsy search with the terms
  • lampwork
  • glass lampwork beads
  • lampwork beads
  • lampwork beads large sets
  • lampwork bead sets
They have been added to peoples favourites 11 times though which means that they are liked well enough by the few people that have seen them.

After working on my listing today
  • My title is - Lampwork handmade glass beads (11) encased meadow green beads with dots and stripes
  • Tags are - handmade lampwork, european sra, green lampwork beads. green glass bead set, Jolene Wolfe, Kitzbitz Art Glass, Forest green glass, dots and stripes, jewelry making, lampwork bead set, grass green beads, Lime green heart, CPteam FHF LEteam 
  • Description reads - Handmade green glass bead set with delicate dots and stripes and stringer work detail. These encased beads are made with shades of lime green, grass green, forest green and teal with black and white.
 I've also added more keywords to my materials section so as well as glass I now have - cim, moretti, effetre, reichenbach, creation is messy, coe 104

Will these changes bring more views and and bigger better stats for my listing? Only time will tell but hey it's got to be worth a shot!

Have a great week, Jolene xx

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